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Intricate Umbrella Inc provides Public Relations, Communications, and Writing Services.  A unique perspective enhances communication initiatives.   We speak the languages of Excellence and Relationship.


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Do you want your communication to stand out above competitors?  Whether internal or external communication, Intricate Umbrella works directly with clients to establish a true and distinctive voice that enhances the brand.

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What Is a Fiduciary?

Intricate Umbrella intends to serve as a fiduciary partner throughout the business relationship.  It is my intention to build a strong and trustworthy relationship, in which you can put faith and confidence. We guard intellectual property with heart.

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Weekly Journal

Don't miss our weekly publication.  See how our services set a higher standard.  The Weekly Journal is where we share our story, the research we conduct, and communication insights.  You'll find insightful and exclusive details. 

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Our Birth

The name is not the only unique feature of Intricate Umbrella... the story may surprise you.


Every step is worth taking!

— Heather Tate

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A Top 10 Service

We are dedicated to excellence!  In fact, we guarantee it.  We are always willing to accept client testimonials or comments.  We are not satisfied unless you are satisfied as a client.